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Topic : Machine Learning and its impact on Digital India

Dr S S Iyengar

Director & Ryder Professor School of Computing & Information Sciences Florida International University (FIU)

     Dr. S.S. Iyengar is a computer scientist of international repute who has     been a pioneer in multiple fields. Marked by his incredible record of    success in the areas of world-class research, superb teaching, and    excellence in community service, he has also significantly impacted     industry, through his many discoveries and patents. His distinguished   international and national research work have consistently been    recognized by US government agencies, industry pioneers, and his     research colleagues. His work has been featured on the cover of the      National Science Foundation’s breakthrough technologies in both 2014      and again in 2016.

Dr. Iyengar has garnered multiple awards for his work and made fundamental contributions in a variety of areas that impact our lives today. His seminal contributions continue to be seen in places like Raytheon, Telcordia, Motorola the United States Navy, DARPA and other universities and research laboratories around the world.

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Mr. Ramesh C Pathak

Delivery, Engineering and Solutioning Leader Chief Architect - Big Data Analytics and Cloud Master Inventor at IBM Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

An  engineering  graduate  from  IIT  Kanpur, Ramesh  is  a  Senior           technology  and business leader with 23+ years of rich experience       in  technology,  solutioning,  engineering  and  business leadership roles  in  Cloud,  Digital  Strategy,  Enterprise Architecture, Big Data        Analytics,  Middleware  and  Platform  technologies. His recent role   has  been  leader  of  Public  Cloud Offering and Big Data Analytics     Service at  IBM.  He  is  Associate  Director,  Senior  Technical  Staff Member (STSM)  and a Member of IBM's top technology leadership group (AoT).  Ramesh  has  designed managed public cloud service offering from scratch and grew it to tens of millions of USD.              

Ramesh gives strategic direction and leadership to presales leaders and solution architects on high value deals and to respond to RFPs and create winnable bids. He leads senior technical team and works with senior client leadership to design their digital strategy including cloud adoptiin, DevOps, big data. Ramesh brings deep expertise and experience in big data architecture and data governance combined with strong understanding of service delivery. Ramesh leads delivery innovation and transformation of GTS processes using data driven cognitive technologies and IBM Service Platform with Watson.

Ramesh led global delivery and operations, Transition and Transformation and Service Outsourcing projects for big customers. He has systematically identified several multi million USD optimization opportunities and played significant roles in winning many large deals. Ramesh has won several IBM's global awards and has filed 15 patents. He is elevated to Senior Member grade of IEEE and ACM. He has organized, and been speaker at conferences (IEEE, IoT Asia Summit, CII IoT Summit, PMI Leadership Conference).

Has 19 top technology certifications: IBM Certified Master Specialist, AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional, Oracle Certified Master, VMware DC Virtualization, Certified in Red Hat, Golden Gate Replication, RAC and GRID, PMP, ISO, ITIL. As a chief architect, engineering and delivery leader of Public Cloud Offering in IBM, Ramesh has led defining architecture, design and development of managed services offering for Competitive Cloud (including Amazon Web Services - AWS and Azure). As chief architect and leader of Big Data Analytics services.

Ramesh has led data engineering and data analytics including data modelling, data ingestion, data storage, data governance, data lineage, data quality and data analytics using big data technologies including Hadoop, Apache Spark, Python, Infosphere and RDBMS and NoSql technologies to lead delivery innovation and transformation of GTS processes using data driven cognitive technologies and IBM Service Platform with Watson.

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